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cake selection at Peter's Tea Room, Bury Market
cake selection at Peter's Tea Room, Bury Market
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Bury Market


The entrance to Bury Market from the car park side is rather theatrical. There’s usually an accordion player ringing out traditional ditties that echo through the subway as you pass under the main road. It then becomes much more grand, ascending under the wrought iron gateway with the traditional ‘Bury Market’ welcoming sign.

Next to the entrance is the Hot Potatoes wagon. It’s been there for at least 40 years, selling bags of hot baby potatoes as snacks. They’re an excellent choice on a drizzly cold day. They also have jacket potatoes with a range of fillings and other treats such as a cup of black peas. These are northern tradition, usually eaten on 5 November as part of Guy Fawkes Night celebrations with bonfires and fireworks, but whenever you have them, you need to add a glug of malt vinegar. It’s cash only as are a lot of the smaller stalls so make sure to bring change as well as your shopping bags.

The subway tunnel entrance from the car park
Entrance and Hot Potatoes wagon
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Trying to figure out where to start can be a bit overwhelming on your first visit so a recommended tactic would be to head left from the subway entrance to loop round the Princess block first. Paul Smedley’s fruit and veg which has smaller, cheaper punnets and more exotic veggies such as 50p mooli, tumeric and iron yams. Smedley’s is usually quite a lot quieter and easier to navigate than the busier central stalls and a good for seasoned bargain hunters. There are also stalls selling household nick-nacks such as wooden spoons and those military canteen style blue and white tin tableware sets that you see all over trendy Norther Quarter burger restaurants.

tin plates
wooden spoons
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Come back towards the centre through the Fish and Meat Hall. This is the place to go for large whole chickens, seafood and big joints of meat. There’s some beautifully crafted chicken Kievs that are ready to go straight in the oven.

The Fish and Meat Hall
Fresh meat at the Fish and Meat Hall
Fresh fish at the Fish and Meat Hall
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Leave the hall to explore Iddon’s fruit and veg. This is the place to go for larger fruit and veg requirements. It’s heaving after 10am so, if you want to do your weekly shop there, it’s advisable to arrive soon after the market opens at 9am. Pete’s Fruit and Veg is opposite and well worth a look around with rarities such as fresh tumeric, cook-at-home black peas and a selection of nuts. Pete’s has the glorious conveyor belt system where you start at one end, work your way round the store in a single file lane and then pay at the end. This is how all local village markets used to be laid out and it certainly has a nostalgia trip.

Passing round the other end of the Toulmin Block is Cheeseplus with a range of traditional county cheeses as well as different flavour combination including Guiness, lemon and black pepper. They also have free samples to try and they sell huge chunks of real butter. Just remember to measure your butter dish before grabbing a butter brick.

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Moving on to the Edward and Margaret Blocks, there are plenty of small stalls to explore. Harry Muffins and Pete’s Tea Room have great traditional cakes and pies. Bury Black Pudding Co. and Chadwick’s Black Pudding stall sell their namesakes, whole chickens and even fresh tripe for the adventurous or traditional cook.

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The larger indoor market hall area is currently closed due to discovery of RAAC concrete and it’s not clear yet when this will be reopened. Most of the traders have been relocated within the outdoor market and within the Mill Gate shopping centre.

The team at English Farm Foods do a great value breakfast and their outside seating area is a great spot for people watching. There’s also a huge Katsouris cafe and delhi counter. Just opposite is the outside courtyard area where there are regular themed pop up stalls such as Hong Kong and Vegan days.

Walsh’s butchers have been relocated just next to the pop-up stall area. Their meaty Cumberland sausages are superb and they’ll always have a deal ready for you so be ready to fill the freezer.

The Fish and Meat Hall is open Monday to Saturday 9am – 4.30pm and 5pm respsectivley. The full market is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9am.

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