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A wide angle shot of Chorlton Ees
A wide angle shot of Chorlton Ees
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Chorlton Ees

Parks & Gardens

Chorlton Ees is a bit of a wild gem in such a densely populated area. If you’re lucky you could spot a woodpecker, herons or a kingfisher. At dusk there are plenty of bats flying around, too.

Stroll through the network of footpaths that criss-cross meadowland, hug the side of Chorlton Brook (ideal for a game of pooh sticks on the bridge near the car park) or meander through shady woodland.

From Chorlton Ees you can extend your walk and access other parts of Manchester’s green and pleasant land. Stretch your legs as far as Chorlton Water Park and on to Kenworthy Woods, Sale Water Park, Turn Moss (which is popular with dog walkers and where you’ll find Cap Coffee van), neighbouring Stretford Ees, and walks along the Bridgewater Canal. Why not wander down the Mersey footpath for a pleasant riverside walk to Didsbury?

If you love a country walk but you need a pint to fortify yourself, The Bowling Green in Chorlton is just by the entrance to Chorlton Ees. If you’d prefer a rest mid-route, you could walk to Jackson’s Boat which has a large beer garden.

The best access points are via Hardy Lane, Ivygreen Lane, the car park opposite The Bowling Green, or the car park at the end of lane next to Brookburn Primary School. If you’re travelling by tram, the Sale Water Park stop is the most convenient.

Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve, Brookburn Close, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8EH
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