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Wythenshawe Hall at Wythenshawe Park
Wythenshawe Hall at Wythenshawe Park
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Wythenshawe Park

Parks & Gardens

Wythenshawe Park is so much more than just a playground and a bit of green space. For a start, there’s a lot of green space – 109 hectares to be precise, and it’s a mix of woodland, open grassland and wildflower meadows. (Also the playground is one of the better ones.)

Plus there’s Wythenshawe Hall; a Tudor Manor house which is slowly coming back to life after a fire in 2016. The Friends of Wythenshawe Hall hold monthly open days and tours.

There’s also a farm with a small farm shop. Children can do discovery trails, meet the animals, or even be a junior farmer for a day – this last one must be arranged in advance. Just pop in to the farm office.

Wythenshawe Park is also a great place for cycling with a pump track, BMX tracks and forest trails for different abilities. There’s also a mini-road layout complete with roundabout and a skills area for learners.

What else? There are all-ability cycling sessions with adapted bikes, horse riding stables offering lessons and escorted trekking, a bee-keeping group, a community gardening group, and probably all sorts of activities we don’t even know about. It’s a busy, thriving park and well worth a visit.

Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK
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