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The Warehouse Project

Music Venues

If you’re into EDM or club culture you’ll know The Warehouse Project as one of Manchester’s biggest nights out. It opened for the first time in 2006 and has returned for its four-month seasonal run every year since.

Open Friday and Saturday nights from September through to New Year’s Eve, it attracts internationally-known DJs and producers to headline and hosts up-and-coming acts earlier in the evening. The crowds are mainly under-30s, as you’d expect, but you’ll see a fair amount of older clubbers there too, attracted by the impeccable lineups. Recent headliners include Bicep, Peggy Gou, Four Tet and Annie Mac.

Aside from the talent on the stages, the sheer size of the nights makes The Warehouse Project stand out; think indoor festival rather than club. It’s unlikely to outgrow Depot Mayfield with its 10,000 capacity any time soon.

It’s not the easiest night out; tickets are usually £30-£50, drinks are costly, and be prepared to spend a portion of your evening in queues – to get in, to get through security, to get to the bar, to get a 4am taxi home. When clubbing is done on this scale – ie massive – you need to expect a few lows alongside the soaring, hands-in-the-air highs.

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