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The dome with people inside at The Crystal Maze Manchester
The dome with people inside at The Crystal Maze Manchester
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The Crystal Maze Manchester


It’s a dream come true for kids of the nineties: an opportunity to show off your skills in the legendary Crystal Maze.

And while it’s probably no longer top of your bucket list, we bet there’s still a little part of you that’s convinced you would have bagged all the crystals and grabbed all the shiny tokens, if only you’d been given the chance. 

And now you have. The Crystal Maze Manchester Live Experience lets you and your friends run around in a state of high excitement, solving mysteries and overcoming challenges, all against a ticking clock. There are four adventure zones: Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic. Plus the dome itself. “Will you start the fans, please.”

It’s a top Manchester birthday activity and perfect for hen and stag dos. You can even get married there. Don’t get locked in. (Oh, you just did.)

And if you completely missed the TV show and are wondering what the hell it’s all about, it’s essentially a next-level escape room experience, with bomber jackets. Book yourself a ticket for the ultimate nineties flashback.

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