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Inside Diecast, Manchester
Inside Diecast, Manchester
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Diecast is a party venue and ‘creative neighbourhood’ five-minutes’ walk from Manchester Piccadilly station.

The concept for the 250,000 square foot space comes from the brains behind the popular Ramona and Firehouse. Set in a former diecasting factory that dates back to the Victorian era, it’s currently in its first phase of development; Leno Ex Machina.

It blends industrial machinery with elegant design and decor, sporting leather banquettes with marble top tables, alongside exposed air ducts, corrugated iron walls and warehouse-style ceilings. Out in the beer garden, you’ll find four reconditioned vintage ‘rum caravans’ which you can book in advance for your own private party.

Open four days a week, offering a long weekend for those brave enough, Diecast boasts Manchester’s largest selection of frozen daiquiris as well as a long list of craft beers. They also serve ‘neo-pan’ pizzas – made Neapolitan style but then pan-fried for a sweet and fluffy crust, as well as burgers, salads, truffle parmesan fries and the like.

With live entertainment from DJs and dancers, Diecast is somewhere you can go with mates and spend the night taking it all in.

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