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Breakout escape rooms
Breakout escape rooms
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Manchester City Centre

Breakout Manchester High Street


Breakout Manchester is a live escape room centre on High Street in Manchester.

You are locked in a room with friends, family or work colleagues for an hour and have to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to escape.

It’s perfect for team-building or groups of friends as you will need to work together to be in with a chance of breaking out. It’s a real test of your lateral thinking skills

There are ten different escape rooms with a range of themes and skill levels. From the Harry Potter-inspired Enchanted to the Wild West mayhem of Most Wanted, every room is a whole new experience.

Rooms are designed for a maximum of five players and the minimum age is ten years old. Sixteens and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Breakout Unboxed is also available if you would prefer to play at home – everything you need is delivered to your door.

Breakout Manchester High Street, 36 High Street, Manchester M4 1QB, UK
Tel: 0161 839 8012 breakoutmanchester.com
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