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Nerf AX exterior, a games venue at Trafford Palazzo
Nerf AX exterior, a games venue at Trafford Palazzo
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Trafford Park

Nerf Action Xperience


If you love charging around waving a Nerf blaster with foam ammo popping all around you, then you’re going to be excited about this.

Nerf AX is the UK’s first official Nerf action experience. It’s a huge indoor arena so you could excuse yourself for acting like a big kid and claim this day out as bona fide exercise. You’ll certainly get sweaty if you’re a competitive type.

There’s a training ground where you can play all sorts of games to improve your accuracy and hand-eye co-ordination, plus traditional(ish) sports challenges like Basketball Blitz, and Nerf battlegrounds where you can compete against yourself and others to show off your Nerf status. These action-packed run-arounds range from post-apocalyptic visions of the future to abandoned intergalactic spaceships.

A session at Nerf AX lasts an hour and there’s a café for refreshments afterwards – it’s a good one too: an Archie’s. Goggles must be worn for safety reasons but if you have any Nerf goggles lying around at home, then admission is cheaper if you come kitted out.

It’s for ages five and over, and it is recommended that under-eights are accompanied by a paying an adult. Under-12s need an adult in the venue but they can relax with a milkshake rather than toting a blaster with the kids.

There’s also a shop full of Nerf merch and plenty of selfie opportunities for posing with fancy bits of kit.

Nerf Action Xperience NAX UK, Trafford City, Stretford, Manchester, UK
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